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Monday, August 24, 2009


Specific Prompt:

Write a story using only dialogue. No descriptions. No narrations. Just dialogue. There has to be a beginning, middle, and end -- not to mention hefty conflict to make it compelling. The story has to be told through the characters words and it has to mean something. Think you can handle it? I wouldn't mind reading it, if you could.

Fan Fiction Prompts:

Being Human prompt: Mitchell/Annie. There's always been some tension there. Heck, even the BBC's Being Human Blog mentions it. So, write a very tension-filled moment. Don't make them kiss. Don't make them have any sexual relations of any kind. Tension is the key here. Make the story ooze tension. (And totally link me.)

Skins prompt: Effy. Pure Effy. Dig into her psyche and make her make an important choice.

Torchwood prompt: Jack/Gwen. I always found Gwen's sudden pregnancy in series three a bit suspicious. It's like there's a little something MORE too it. It was just too random, you know? Might Jack somehow be involved?

Write a story including the phrase:

"This is a horrible mess. It's time to make a choice."

Use this song for inspiration:

"The Rifle" by Alela Diane

One Word Prompts:



Brian, the old man said...

I like the idea of a story with nothing but dialog. I will give it a try and let you know when I post it. Title maybe, He said, She said. That's what I'm thinking now. Something humorous.

PrettySiren said...

I would definitely love to read it. I like humor.

I think I might actually try the exercise myself with a fanfic as an example for beginners. =)

Bring Back Pluto said...

Great ideas as always!

PrettySiren said...

Thank you!

tukangpoto said...

Very challenging task, a unique idea.
Thank you for sharing.

PrettySiren said...